We implement the power of collective purchasing, offering low prices to all members and relatives of the Puerto Rico unions. These programs implement sellers of comparable quality, value and service with programs available to the general public.

No.  Some programs like the “Prescription Discount Card” are free but other benefits may charge a discounted rate. The programs on our website are free for members of Puerto Rico unions, their families and retirees, unless you say otherwise.

Many of the benefits are already available to our members. There are some benefits to add   to the portal and for that reason we will be in constant communication with our customers.

All members of the Puerto Rico unions and retirees are automatically eligible for union benefits. Other family members such as: couples, parents and children may also be eligible.

We have a simple form that must be completed. (See privacy statement)

No, it is not a requirement to have a credit card. Members of the Puerto Rico unions are automatically eligible for all programs since they register on our website.

These low-cost programs are designed to help members save money, especially in times of layoff, unemployment or strike. The programs of BeneficiosSindicatos.com are not only about savings but to value for the members of the unions of Puerto Rico. 

Every time you use the program, you are saving money. The more you use it, the more you save. Each vendor is willing to provide discounted services for our members . 

Each vendor administers his own customer service. In addition, you can contact us directly to assist them with any questions, but we prefer that they communicate directly with the sellers .

It is simple and simple. You choose  Opt-Out  for email in the future.

Please, communicate through the  ‘Contact Us’ form .